2015 Nanjing Mountain Marathon (Spring Outing) Diary (​2015 南京山地马拉松踏青记)

2015 南京山地马拉松踏青记

2015 Nanjing Mountain Marathon (Spring Outing) Diary

Route Video


When drafting this diary, many runners had told their stories. In order not to tell a much too overlapped one, allow me to present the event from my point of view.


March 29, the spot marked in the map is the Start/Finish line of the race.


The time that came before reaching the spot and the time after that was so full of unforgettable memories. Look at the sapphire blue lake and jade green forests, never was there a doubt.


Let’s talk about the pre-spot part. Saturday morning was a natural wake up, first thing came to mind was I’d got to reach somewhere in People Square before 12 PM for the bus to Nanjing. I cannot be late. No more sleeping. I can sleep on the bus anyway. Then I got up, pack things up, and found something forgotten in office. The glass-fastener is a small accessory but its use can be big. I promised to Man-man (his nickname) that I would bring one for him. In one race before, it was due to Man-man’s glass broke its leg that he almost dumped the race. Using such a fastener, the glass can be very steady, no need to push the glass from time to time, how steep the slope, how high the pace, believe me, no fooling around. You save time and raise security level not having to push the glass. Therefore, I must fetch it for him. The company is not far anyway.


For the pre-race preparation, basically everything went as good as expected except under-sleeping. Overall preparation score: 90 (of 100). 


As the gun sounded, I kicked myself across the starting line. My goal for the race was to consume as much energy as possible to get as good a result as possible. Soonest possible, I activated the High-Attention race mode, which was to keep my attention focused on looping the nuclear elements: rhythmic breaths, matching arm-swinging, easy stepping, relaxed shoulders, natural running style, and on-time/in-time refueling. A low absent-mindedness rate was achieved. A number of times pretty girls came to sight, 10 seconds was almost the longest time that eyeballs switched focus – thinking that I was here for a race, I had a goal in mind, put the pretties behind the finish line. Then I resumed looping the key elements. Overall attention span score: 95 (of 100).


As told far back before the race that supply was fantastic, I decided to use light equipment plan. Short sleeve shirt and pants, 250 cc water, 2 energy gel, and a couple salt pills. For me that must have been highest possible burden-reducing. To make my jaw drop was that there were two white men did not take water at all. 


At the beginning, Man-man and I kept leading each other. No idea whether it’s because I prepared better than previous races, so that I felt better this time, or it’s because Man-man prepared less good than before so that he performed less good, the role of leading leaned to my side unexpectedly early. When climbing big slopes, we strategically switched to striding. On one of the slopes, an elder runner overtook us, worse, still kept running. It worried to me to see him disappear ahead, because there should have been seven or eight runners ahead. If we wanted to rank high, we’d got to stop being overtaken by such runners. We are young, and obviously look more energetic. I used half-stride-half-run to try to keep him in sight. Whenever there came a downhill, we showed obvious advantages and retook position quite swiftly. Sad thing was at the next uphill, we lost again. In hope of not falling behind of him for too much, I tried to keep running on relatively gentle uphill. Turning back my head, Man-man waved his hand. It looked to me like a wave-goodbye at that moment. I thought he’s releasing a sign that I go ahead. Thinking that he is strong in terms of energy reserve, I figured that I could go first and he would catch up next uphill.


A self status assessment showed that I could keep running, so I followed the elder. When did I overtake him? I cannot recall. It must be some downhill, reaching whose foot, I could not see him when turning back my head again. For a long distance, I was running alone, and felt slightly lonely. Man-man might suddenly catch up with me anytime. Time passed by for who knows how long, I overtook one. God knows how long time later, another one. I did not know another how long later, I saw a lady and a gentleman. I wondered if this was the No. 1 fast lazy with her private pacer. It turned out to be negative when the lady left the man behind. Looking at the back, it was OMG (Oh My God). I must not fall behind. The perfect figure attracted me to get closer and closer. It worked like a drag, fully refueled me. Not long later, alas, the Goodness seemed to be less good in stamina. Overtake! As getting beyond, I shouted “Jiayou” and took the chance to glimpse her face. It was really awesome. But I could not company the lady and had to keep running. After that, I overtook another two runners one after another.


It was hot and it seemed my water was under prepared, but no too bad. I kept the last drop of water until I saw a supply station, in hope that once a cramp attacked, I had a drop of fluid to take the salt pill. At a time I saw an SUV and I thought it’s the supply and I almost consumed the last drop. It turned out to be a volunteer. A volunteer drove a Tiguan to play the guide. This made me drunk. Following his finger, I felt a bit down and ran forward. I regretted that should have asked him how far it was from the next the station


Finally I reached the supply station. I emptied my two small grenade-like bottles and asked the beautiful men and women to help me fill. For three stations in a row, I only drank and did not eat anything. I mainly drank sports water, for one time I drank pure water, and another time, cola. They said the supply stations were like Chinese New Year Eve’s dinner. But I enjoyed only some water and two pills of salt. I made me feel this doesn’t deserve my registration fee. The first time I took salt pill, I had only one of my prepared pills left. I could tell a cramp was about to attack at the time. Although it seemed that I took the previous pill not long enough ago, I decided to take another. Nearing 35 KM, the cramp began attacking; luckily it’s not that much. I took the last one of mine. And my speed reduced. At the last supply station, I swallowed another one. The beautiful men and women told me I was No. 4 at that time, two white men and a Chinese man ahead of me. White men left 10 minutes ago. Chinese man just departed. I’d got to catch up with him – was what I was thinking. Where’re the so-called wonderful porridge and amazing soup? I saw nothing. Oh, my money, my heart was bleeding. They told me I could catch up with the third one for what? Driving me away? OK, there I went. 


Running along the trail, I saw plenty of walking runners. Watching their numbers, it showed that they should all be half-distance runners. I was looking forward to meeting the number-third guy, for much. Seeing so many pretty girls’ back, I felt so grateful. It made the exhausting journey quite enjoyable.  Nanjing was really a wonderful place for having so many perfectly shaped girl runners. Maybe not all of them resided in Nanjing, but it seemed that I never saw so many of them in Hangzhou. It’s terrific.  


At long last I came to an uphill where I saw a running man. On such an occasion, those who were still able to run must provably be full-distance runners. Slow he might be, yet he was still running. I felt that I could overtake him and decided to do it with a low-profile. What surprised me was that when I peeked for his number to confirm whether he’s really full-distance, he saw my looking at him and asked me for my name. At that moment even breathing was a struggle to me. I did not want to do anything else apart from watching pretties’ back in passing. 


So, in order to stay position number three, I got no option but kept running. When I saw the 41 KM board, tears almost dropped from my eyes. I felt the last one KM would be the most enduring one. Thinking of that my endearing Crazy-BITCHes would be expecting me at the finish line, knowing that my endearing fellas would be expecting me at the finish line, and thinking that my endearing fellas would be expecting me at the finish line, the god-damn dam of the reservoir by the finish line suddenly came into sight. Two hun-hun-hundred meters left. A cramp launched another attack. Let it be. I’d ignore it and keep running. One hundred meters left. All beautiful girls disappeared from my vision all of a sudden; the only thing on my mind was the scene that my lovely fellas were expecting me at the finish line. Last 50 meters. The volunteers did not even get the tape ready for me breast. I had to slow down. I was planning to breast the tape using a cool pose. What a waste! At the time they the raised the tape, I could only use a 6’00 pace to cross the line.


Sure enough, my endearing BITCHes were there waiting for me. So great to see them. A huge wave of pretty fellas approached me. The broadcast announced the finish of me, another huge wave of Crazy BITCHes approached me. It was fantastic. Freeze frame. Perfect ending. No doubt my fellow runners are the most wonderful running pretties. 


When finishing, Wan-Er-Sister was told that the guy who used the same sports tape as her was third-place. She immediately knew it was me. Thanks to Wan-Er-Sister for the sports tape, nice-looking, natural, and useful. 


对于这次比赛,从参赛者对组办方的角度来看,总体感觉还是不错的。各个环节都井然有序。补给比较到位,提供盐丸说明为参赛者考虑得颇为细致。终点的自助餐挺丰富,但可能是因为跑得太 high,我一直是味觉失灵状态,毫无食欲。工作人员的态度都很好。唯一要吐槽的是,明明是第三个撞线,由于未撞线的芯片成绩排第一的成绩被宣布无效的白皮肤帅哥所谓的申诉,硬是把我名次写成第四。除此以外,整个赛事体验还是挺不错的,值得一赞。


Thinking from a runner’s view toward the organizer, it can be concluded that the event has been a well-organized one. It showed order throughout the event. Supplies were good. Providing salt pills showed consideration for runners. The buffet at the finish site can be lavish in some sense, although late finishers might not be able to enjoy all there had been to provide. The sad thing was probably due to I ran much too hard and got exhausted, I was taste-blind for a long time. No appetite at all. All the event staffs showed excellence in their service. Yet there’s one thing for me to complain. I was the third to breast the finish tape, but due the so-called appeal of the result-voided white runner who did not seem to have ever crossed the finish line, my ranking was forced to lower to fourth. Apart from that, the whole event has been a wonderful experience. Applauses.


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