官宣!熊猫超级山径赛by UTMB®将于2020年9月落户都江堰、汶川


UTMB® have further increased their presence in China with the launch of their newest international event, Panda Trail by UTMB®. Working alongside local organisers Exploring Xingzhi Group, the first edition will take place from 25th – 27thSeptember 2020, offering trail runners the choice of several distances.

随着最新的国际性赛事——熊猫超级山径赛BY UTMB®的正式推出,UTMB®将进一步扩大其在中国的影响力。UTMB®将继续与行知探索集团合作,于2020年9月25日至27日正式举办第一届比赛,为全球越野跑者提供距离不同的多组别选择。

2020熊猫超级山径赛by UTMB®发布会现场

The inaugural event will be based around one of most famous Taoist mountains in China, Qingcheng Mountain in Dujiangyan & wenchuan, Sichuan province. Located in the southwest of the country, the Sichuan Province is one the largest in China and the gateway to Tibet.


UTMB创始人/主席 凯瑟琳女士(左二)、行知探索文化发展集团董事长/总裁曲向东先生(左一)亲临发布会现场

Known as the Country of Heaven thanks to its world heritage irrigation system, runners will have the chance to experience colourful historic towns, delicious spicy Sichuanese food, incredible temples, bamboo forests and of course the Giant Panda that the region is famous for.



Chengdu International Airport (CTU) is located just an hour’s drive from Dujiangyan in Sichuan, and is the fourth largest hub in mainland China with direct flights to most major North American cities and European capitals.


UTMB创始人/主席 凯瑟琳女士(右二)发布合作愿景

There will be three distances to attract runners of different abilities; an ultra-distance race of approximately 120 km, plus two shorter races of approximately 60 km and 30 km.

Full course and registration details will be announced on 20th January 2020, when entries will officially open.



Catherine Poletti, UTMB® Co-Founder and Group President commented: “We are thrilled to strengthen our relationship with Exploring Xingzhi Group, and to offer trail runners looking for a real adventure the chance to discover the unique trails of the Sichuan region.

UTMB®联合创始人兼集团总裁凯瑟琳波莱蒂(Catherine Poletti)女士表示:“我们很高兴能够进一步深化与行知探索集团的合作,并为想寻求真正冒险体验的越野跑者们提供发现四川绝美山径的机会。


“We have already seen the appetite for trail running in China at Gaoligong by UTMB® which has over 4,000 runners registered for next years’ event, and also at UTMB® Mont Blanc, with over 300 Chinese runners taking to the start line this year, and so we are excited to launch this new event with three challenging distances for more than 2,000 runners. This event is in line with the overall goal of UTMB® to develop prestigious and open-to-all events on all continents,” Poletti concluded.

“我们已经从高黎贡超级山径赛by UTMB®看到了中国越野跑市场的潜力,报名参加明年赛事的选手已经超过了4000人,而今年的UTMB®环勃朗峰超级越野赛(UTMB® Mont Blanc)也有超过300名中国大陆选手参加。由此,我们很荣幸地推出这项全新的挑战,它有三个不同距离的组别,希望可以吸引超过2000名跑者参加这场赛事。波莱蒂总结说:“这项比赛符合UTMB®的全球目标,那就是举办享有盛誉的、面向全球大洲的开放性的比赛。”

2020熊猫超级山径赛by UTMB®将成为第五个全球by UTMB®赛事

The new event was announced following a successful test event that saw 65 runners take to the trails of the Qingcheng Mountain. Nicolas Lagrange, UTMB® Operational Director, who was present to oversee proceedings commented: “The UTMB brand represents more than just a name, and all the events supported by UTMB are organised with the highest quality standards offering challenging courses. We’ve been really impressed by the trails in this region and these mountains will provide a challenging and unique experience for runners.”

这项全新的赛事在其测试赛成功举办后正式官宣,共有65名越野跑者走上了青城山的赛道。全程考察测试赛的UTMB®运营总监尼古拉斯•拉格朗日(Nicolas Lagrange)先生评论道:“UTMB品牌不仅仅只是一个赛事的名字,UTMB授权的所有赛事都以最严苛的质量标准组织,并规划出富有挑战性的赛道。这里的山径给我们留下了深刻的印象,这些山脉将为越野跑者提供富有挑战性的独特体验。”


Margaret Jin, Vice President of Xingzhi Exploring Group, said: “We are very much looking forward to Panda Trail joining the UTMB family; it is our goal to offer the global running community a world-class trail race with a unique Sichuan flavour. This event will support the joint development of two renowned national travel destinations: The Dujiangyan City and Wenchuan County. By creating a race course which we hope becomes as well-known globally as UTMB® Mont-Blanc itself, Panda Trail by UTMB® shall make a key contribution to promoting and developing the local outdoor industry.”

行知探索集团副总裁金豆豆(Margaret Jin)女士表示:“我们非常期待熊猫超级山径赛(Panda Trail)加入UTMB家族;我们的目标是为全球越野跑人群提供独具蜀地风情的高规格越野跑盛事。这场赛事将助力两个天府旅游名县-都江堰市和汶川县的协同发展,在世界范围内打造一条像TMB®环勃朗峰超级山径一样享誉全球的徒步路线,为促进和发展当地的户外产业做出贡献。”


As with all other ‘by UTMB®’ events, finishers of Panda Trail by UTMB® will be able to collect ‘Running Stones’ and ITRA points, providing them with a direct entry for UTMB® Mont-Blanc 2021 courses without having to go through the lottery.

与所有其他“by UTMB®”赛事一样,熊猫超级山径BY UTMB®的完赛者可以获取“跑石(running Stones)”和ITRA积分,这将为他们提供免抽签报名2021年UTMB®环勃朗峰超级越野赛的机会。

2020熊猫超级山径by UTMB®的完赛者可以获得免抽签报名2021年UTMB®环勃朗峰超级越野赛的机会

Other upcoming UTMB® events include Oman by UTMB® from 28th-30th November 2019, Gaoligong by UTMB® (China) 21st-23rd March 2020, Val d’Aran by UTMB® (Spain) 3rd-5th July 2020 and UTMB Mont-Blanc®, 24th-30thAugust 2020.


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