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Category Fee Status
¥560.00 Registration Expired
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12公里青少年组-12km YOUNG ATHLETE group
¥200.00 Registration Expired
42公里组团队(4人)-42km group Team
¥2,000.00 Registration Expired
25公里组团队(4人)-25km group Team
¥1,200.00 Registration Expired
亲友团-Friends and family service pack
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Registration Information

赛 事 信 息


2018年4月1日(星期日) 8:30 南京市江宁区蟠龙湖




(3)12公里青少年组,累计爬升 300米,100组

Race date and event

Race date: April 1st, 2018 (Sunday)


42km group: with an elevation gain of 1200m, 400 participants

25km group: with an elevation gain of 500m, 600 participants

12km YOUNG ATHLETE group: with an elevation gain of 300m, 100 groups

报 名 资 格







1. Anyone who meets the requirements of the competition rules, with legal ID certifications and in good health conditions proved by physical checks, can register the race with no regard of nationalities.

2. Age limits:

2.1 Participants in the 42km and 25km group must be at least 18 years old (born before April 1st, 2000), in a good health condition, and shall be runners with regular training.

2.2 Each team in the 12km YOUNG ATHLETE group will be formed by an adolescent between 8 years old and 18 years old and a parent or a legal guardian. They should enroll the race together. Anyone in a good health condition can participates in the race.

Remarks: Adolescent participants between 8 and 18 years old can only enroll the race with a statement signed by their guardians or legal representatives.

3. Patients of the following diseases are not in suitable health conditions for the race.

3.1 Congenital heart disease and rheumatic heart disease.

3.2 Hypertension and cerebrovascular disease

3.3 Myocarditis and other heart diseases

3.4 Coronary artery disease and server irregular heartbeat

3.5 Diabetes

3.6 Other diseases that is not suitable for sports.

报 名 时 间
Open period for registration


November 28th, 10 : 00,2017 – February 24th, 17:00,2018

All registration is based on a first-come-first-served basis.

报 名 费
Entry Fee


1 ) 12公里青少年组报名费的全部200元/人,捐赠给赛事合作公益项目”河流·孩子“,并鼓励选手额外购买爱心包捐赠( 60元 / 1个爱心包,报名时可选择购买);

2 ) 42公里组、25公里组团队报名可享受团队报名优惠,仅限50组;

3 ) 42公里组、25公里组团队成员均按计时芯片成绩计个人成绩,四个成员的个人成绩总和计团队总成绩并排团队名次;四位成员无须同时到达终点;

4 ) 赛后区域将会有前十团队的总成绩榜单,所有团队仅现场颁发团队成绩证书,无颁奖环节。


1)The whole entry fee of 12km YOUNG ATHLETE group, 200 RMB per person, will be donated to the partner charity project of the race, River & Children. We also encourage donation by means of purchasing the charity goody bags. (60 RMB per goody bag, available for purchasing at registration)

2)There will be a discount for team registration in 42km and 25km group. Only limited to 50 teams in either group.

3)The individual result of each team member in 42km and 25km group will be the result recorded by his/her timing chip. The team’s time will be calculated by adding all four members’ individual time and this result will decide the team’s ranking. The four team members won’t have to arrive at the finish line at the same time.

4)After the race a top 10 team list will be published with their respective team time on it. All teams will be given a race certificate on the spot. There will be no awarding ceremony.

赛 事 地 图
Course Map


Please log on into the official website the download the course map one week before the race.

计 时 芯 片
Timing Chip


All events will adopt the disposal timing chip. Runners will have no need to return the timing chips after the race.(The parent or legal guardian of 12km YOUNG ATHLETE group has no timing chips)

在 线 报 名 流 程 及 注 意 事 项
The online registration process and things to note

1、参赛者登陆2018汇添富南京山地马拉松官方网站 nanjing.huluanpao.com 进行报名。






1. Log onto the official website of 2018 CUAM Nanjing Mountain Marathon at nanjing.huluanpao.com to register online.

2. Read the registration notes, the insurance instruction and related contents regarding the online registration carefully. 

3. Fill in the registration form.

4. Pay entry fee online. (Alipay/Wechat and unionpay are supported.) 

5. The online registration will be completed after the pay success. 

6. Participants who have successfully registered need to pick up their race packets with race packet pickup certificate and original ID at Crowne Plaza ( No.9 East Jiahu Road, Jiangning District, Nanjing ) from 10 : 00 am to 20 : 00 pm on March 31th ( Saturday ). Please check you BIB number and download the race packet pickup certificate from official website from Mar 6st,2018 to Mar 31th,2018 . In the case of withdrawal from the race, you can either leave the pickup of the race packet to a friend or email to service@huluanpao.com within five working days after the race to apply for the mail of the race packet. In the first case, your friend will be able to pick up the race gear other than the timing chip and the bib number for you by showing the photocopy of your ID. In the second case, the gear will be sent to you by express C.O.D.

补 充 说 明
Additional Remarks


After the registration is confirmed, you won’t be allowed to change your race event. There won’t be any refund either if you quit the race. More information please refer to FAQ.


The race committee reserves the right of the final interpretation of this "registration notes". All pending events will be given further notice.

Organizer Information

Weibo: 湖乱跑
Wechat: 湖乱跑