• 2019 Ultimate TsaiGu Trail -The 5th Edition
  • Time : 2019-04-20 04:00
  • Location : Zhejiang Taizhou Linhai
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Category Fee Status
Elite Athletes (free registration+ free accommodation)
ITRA 750 and above for Man, ITRA 615 and above fro Woman
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Elite Athletes(Free registration)
ITRA 700 and above for Man, ITRA 570 and above for Woman
Free 报名已结束
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Registration Information

2019 Ultimate TsaiGu is located in Mount Kwotsang of Zhejiang Province in China, 300 km distance south from Shanghai, with most natural wonderful mountainous trail along with full range of 110 km running distance.

Only for international runners!




Racer check-in: 11:00-22:00, Apr. 19, 2019 (Friday)

Venue: Linhai Stadium (please take your registration certificate).



Time: 04:00/06:30, Apr. 20 (Sat), 2019

Start: XingShanMen Plaza of Temple LongXingSi, Linhai, Zhejiang Province           

Race Arrangement:

  Race Group  

UTGK110: cut-off time of 32h, 110KM with ascending 6,897 meters (5 ITRA points)

UTGK80: cut-off time of 22h, 80KM with ascending 4,831 meters (4 ITRA points)

UTGK50: cut-off time of 11h15minutes, 50KM with ascending 2,656 meters(3 ITRA points)


1. Mandatory Gear Check: All racers must have their gear checked before checking in. Please make sure you have all your mandatory gear with you. You must have a minimum of 1.5 L of water when you leave the aid station.

2. Racer Check-in: Look up your race bib number before hand from the racer list on the official website.

Provide your name and bib number to the race staff at racer check-in. Remember to bring your photo ID and present it when checking in.

3. Preparation: There will be toilets and change rooms available near the racer check-in area. There will also be a place where you can store luggage/baggage you don' t need during the race.

4. Drop Bag (UTGK110 racers only): UTGK110 racers should bring their drop bag to the drop bag area. Once you check-in your drop bag, you will not be able to access them again until you reach CP5 .

5. Start Line Area: Please line up at the start line at least 15 min before the start of the race. 



There will be a baggage storage area for racers. Unneeded items will be stored for you until the end of the race.

Bring your bag to the following areas before the race:

Sat. Apr. 20 3:20 ‒ 6:15 XingShanMen (Baggage Storage Area)

1. One bag per racer. Put the baggage tag with your name and racer number on your bag and bring it to the Baggage Storage area.

2. Do not check-in any valuables. The race will not be held responsible for any valuables.

3. You must show your racer number in order to pick up your bag.

4. DNF racer baggages will be shipped to the start line (XingShanMen Plaza).


  Trail and Check Points (CPs)  

The course is composed of most rural trails with only 4 km road passage (including 2 km running on the Great Wall). The organizers would like to remind all runners to pay attention to any danger to keep you safe.

All runners are suggested to take your own energy and water supplies. Sport drinks, water, fruits and some hot supplies, are available in CPs. Any non-biodegradable waste should be disposed into the trash bins.

Most of the trail is spread in the mountain so please show all your patience at some narrow course.


a) The first aid kit is supplied at all CPs. Please ask volunteers for help if needed.

b) All runners are requested to take mobile phones for urgent contact if trouble happened.

c) Insurance: the organizers only provide the insurance covering the basic incidentals. All runners are suggested to purchase the additional insurance for you.

  Trail & Elevation Map  

Track Marks:

The track is well signaled with labels, ribbons, and arrows, along nearly each 200 meters distance except the road passage. All runners should pay attentions to these marks while losing your way more than 500 meters. If no marks found then please walk carefully back to find the right way or you can also call the urgent contact number of the race.


  Check Points   

Enough food and water will be supplied at CP stations and we hope there is no waste happened. 

  Cut-off Time   


1. Runners are kept track of using timing chips. The race will be tracking racer times, number of racers out on the course as well as whether or not you've entered/left aid stations and checkpoints.

2. If you are disqualified or decided to drop out of the race, please return your timing chips at the aid station.


Doctors and rescue staff have the authority to stop a runner from continuing the race if he/she believes a racer is unfit to safely continue. If you are told to stop, you will be required to remove and return your timing chip and your race bib will be marked to show that you have dropped out of the race/disqualified.



1. If you feel that you can no longer continue and decide to drop out of the race, you must notify race staff.Once you've dropped out of the race, you will not be able to re-start.

2. Dropping out at an aid station.

Please tell race staff that you want to drop out of the race and return your Timing chips.

3. Dropping out along the race course.

You may only drop out of the race along the race course if it is an emergency and/or you are injured and cannot move on your own. In such a case, please contact the emergency race headquarters immediately for assistance. Otherwise, please walk to the next aid station on your own and notify race staff there.



1. Cash award  for top runners of each group.

2. All finish runners will be awarded with finish cloth and medal.

  Equipment Requirements   

Mandatory gear:


The deposit only accept “Tsaigu” marked tournament package, any other personal items will be NOT be accepted here. The package should not be placed within any valuables, fragile items. And any loss or damage will not be refunded.


   Transportation Guide for International Runners or

Travelling to TsaiGu Trail in China is easy with flights available from many international destinations. The nearest international airport to Linhai is Ningbo International Airport. Besides that you can take more flights to Shanghai or Hangzhou. Below are transportation details for reference:

1. Shanghai  (3 h to Linhai by bullet train at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station )

1) Shanghai Pudong Airport

Shuttle bus #1 to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station (1.5 h)

Metro #2 to Hongqiao Railway Station (1.5 h)

Taking the Magnetic at Longyang Station then transfer Metro #2 to Hongqiao Railway Station (1.5 h)

2) Shanghai Hongqiao Airport

Terminal 1:

Walk to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station (15 min)

Metro #2 or #10 to Hongqiao Railway Station (1 stop)

Terminal 2:

Metro #10 to Hongqiao Railway Station (2 stops)

2. Hangzhou (2 h to Linhai by bullet train at Hangzhou East Railway Station)

Coach bus at airport to Linhai (3 h)

Timetable-10:40, 12:10, 14:00, 15:30, 17:50, 19:20, 20:30

More information available at:

Shuttle bus to Hangzhou East Railway Station then to take bullet train to Linhai (totally > 3 h)

3. Ningbo (40 min to Linhai by bullet train at Ningbo Railway Station)

Airport: Metro to Ningbo Railway Station (30 min)

4. Taizhou Airport: 60 km away from LinHai

Domestic airport only for a few cities including Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc.

Only suggested for those familiar with Taizhou area transportation system Note

5. Transportation will be refreshed due to seasonal transportation change

6. Coach bus between cities is usually not recommended for foreigners except airport coach bus;

7. Due to security check and ticket lining time you’d better to arrive at railway station 30 min before your train departure time;

8. Train ticket booking web: (suggest handled by agencies if you can not register at the booking web with Chinese familiarity);

9. Bullet train to Taizhou Railway Station (located about 30 km away from Linhai) is also suggested due to more train arrangements there (share taxi cost is less than 60 RMB)

10. Linhai downtown local transportation

Linhai Railway Station: 15 km away from Linhai downtown center 

Taxi to Linhai Stadium is about 10 km.


Please book hotels in Linhai (China-Zhejiang-Linhai) with below booking webs and Huaqiao Hotel is recommended for international runners.




Mobile: 86-188 5760 2333 (James)

Facebook & Instagram: Tsaigu