2018-08-21 08:00
内蒙古自治区 鄂尔多斯市 鄂尔多斯草原
组别 费用 状态
¥ 368.00


Do you want to experience the ancient and mysterious Mongolian culture in August? To feel the Mongolian life, the custom, the language and so on, and make milk food: milk tea, cheese and yogurt, and to experience the Mongolian culture as well as the life of the herdsmen.






人数: 30人成团





8:30        出发

10:00       到达草原深处牧人家(抵达后讲解蒙古族欢迎仪式中的民族礼仪及蒙古袍的穿着方法)。


Time of activity: August 21, 2018

Registration time: June 6, 2018 - July 15, 2018

Destination: Yijinhuoluo banner, Ordos, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

Cost: 368 yuan / person

Number of people: 30 people are in a group

Traffic: full air conditioned tour bus

(according to the accommodation status of the participants, may pick up from the hotels close to the track or meeting up points will be notified further.)


8:00 to 8:30    meeting up

8:30           departure

10:00          Arriving at prairie, introduction of the Ethnic Etiquette of the Mongolian welcome ceremony and the way to wear Mongolia robes.


Welcome ceremony: the Mongolians are warm and hospitable people. Every person who comes to the grasslands will accept the most solemn reception ceremony of the Mongolian people - horse wine. The owner of the ranch is in the Mongolian costumes, serving you with the wine and white hada to welcome the arrival of everyone. The musical instruments such as horse head string instrument, dulcimer, accordion and so on are all available. A 70 years old Eji also welcomes everyone with singing.



To be Mongolian for a day:

1. follow the old Mongolian lady to make yogurt, cheese and Mongolian hollow cake. Do it yourself and enjoy the joy of handwork.


3.To learn Mongolian language by writing and speaking. Sitting in the Mongolian yurt, and listening to the stories told by Mongolian old father.


To be a prairie eagle. Introduction on the importance and the way of wearing Mongolia boots and Mongolia vest. The three arts that prairie man must know, riding, archery, wrestling. Try your hands in person. Drink a bowl of hot liquor, and try the Mongolian wrestling and then threw away the bowl a few feet away. The burning chest and red face, an archery for killing the eagle, an arrow for catching the wind, and the oath of life.


Milking the sheep at herd’s family with Mongolian lady.


Follow the herdsman to build a yurt.


Experience all kinds of recreational activities on grasslands, and enjoy endless prairies.


9.Taste Mongolia cuisine and share the outcome from hardworking.


17:00  return


交  通:全程空调旅游车,保证每人1座;

用  餐:中餐蒙古人家特色餐;

导  游:当地优秀导游服务;

保  险: 旅行社责任保险;








Communication: air conditioned tourist car, 1 seats per person is guaranteed.

Meal: Chinese and Mongolian food;

Guide Tour: local excellent tour guide service;

Insurance: travel agency liability insurance;



1. the altitude of Inner Mongolia is about 1500 meters, and the sunlight is very strong. The temperature difference between day and night is big. It is recommended to bring a sunshade, long sleeved shirt, and sunscreen.

2. The Mongolians are hospitable and enthusiastic people. When honored guests arrive, they will greet the guests with wine. But do not force yourself to drink, non-alcohol drinkers must take the silver bowl with both hands, to show politeness.

3. Mongolians have a lot of customs and taboos. Pay attention to the guide’s words.

4. Bring pills to prevent cold, fever, diarrhea, carsickness, skin allergy or in case of emergency.

5. The travel agency has the right to decide the sequence of visiting the scenic spots. 

6. All expenses incurred due to the weather or force majeure during the trip will be taken care of by the guests.








5.星光国际旅行社:是经国家旅游局、内蒙古旅游局和鄂尔多斯市工商局批准的具有独立资格的企业法人,是国家旅游局授权的特许经营中国公民出境旅游业务的国际旅行社。公司成立于2000年,公司内设,出境部,签证部,微旅管家事业部,星光文旅地接事业部,星光文旅外联事业部,星光文旅电商运营中心。目前拥有自创品牌,“21度客厅”,“蝶变少年”,“研学旅行部”,“非玩不可”体验营,”“爱尚鄂尔多斯,天骄盛宴鄂尔多斯”。所获荣誉:连续10年被内蒙古自治区旅游局评为“业绩突出国际旅行社”,2010年被市政府指定为鄂尔多斯国际那达慕大会接待社,2012年被鄂尔多斯市旅游局评为旅游质量等级AAA级旅行社。历年来被评为“诚信企业”,“优秀集体奖”,“三八红旗集体”奖等。口号为:寻找有故事的人文环境,设计有温度的旅游产品  来者都是客接待都用心。

1.This tour must have minimum of 30 people to attend. If the number of people is no more than 30 before July 15, 2018, the full registration fee will be returned from July 16th to July 18th.

2.After signing up for the one day tour of deep into the prairie, please contact the organizers of the Organizing Committee. We will set up wechat groups for the tour, and provide the detailed travel information in the group.

Organizing committee telephone: 4000478264

Organizing Committee Wechat: jx24rollers

3. further notice on other matters.

4. this trip is provided by Starlight International Travel Agency

5. Starlight International Travel Agency: an independent enterprise legal person approved by the National Tourism Administration, Inner Mongolia Tourism Bureau and the Ordos Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce. It is an international travel agency authorized by the National Tourism Administration to operate the outbound tourism business of Chinese citizens. The company was established in 2000.