I'm writing this article in a special day, a day for expressing love, May 20th.在5月20日这个表达爱的特殊日子里,我写下这篇文章。

   Dating back to March the 22nd this year, I was in Chongqing alone preparing for tomorrow's Marathon. 记忆追溯到今年3月22日,我一个人正在重庆准备明天的马拉松。

   Before I sleep we talked about whether attending Bayuquan Marathon or not on WeChat. Then you were still my boyfriend.在我睡觉前我们俩通过微信讨论了到底要不要参加鲅鱼圈马拉松。那时候你还是我的男朋友。

   I want to attend the race but you seemed like it doesn't attract you very much. What I wish at that moment was that you can go with me and we run together. But your attitude made me a little unhappy and I decided to apply just myself. For coaxing me not be angry you compromised. You said that you will accompany with me. I expected that you can carry me creating my personal best.我想去,但你似乎对这场比赛并不怎么感兴趣。我当时就是想你能陪我去,然后我们一起跑。但是你的态度让我有点不高兴,然后我决定独自报名。为了哄我不生气你妥协了。你说你会陪我去。我期待你能带我跑出我的个人最好成绩。

   Time went fast, Bayuquan Marathon was around the corner. The things are still there but men are no more the same ones .We have already broken up. Saturday noon May 16th, I met you on WishFun's bus, but no more talk. Because the bus was overload, I got off with another pretty girl Hui and waited for Uncle Cat picking us.时光飞逝,鲅马临近了。物是人非。我们分手了。5月16日星期六中午,在维思大巴上我碰到了你,但是没有说话。客车超载了,所以我和另一个漂亮的丫头大慧下车等猫叔接我俩。

   At about a quarter past 1 the car drove us to Bayuquan. That was an interesting trip although only 4 people on the car. Uncle Cat is funny and very generous and hospitable.一点一刻左右,猫叔载我们驶向了鲅鱼圈。尽管车上只有四个人,但是非常有意思。猫叔风趣幽默、慷慨大方、热情好客。

   He treated us with KFC at the last service center before we arrive.在到目的地前的最后一个高速服务区猫叔请我们吃了顿肯德基。

   We approached the destination at about 3 pm, and the peloton came 10 minutes later. 我们三点左右抵达宾馆,大部队随后十分钟也到了。

   We all then got tomorrow's number and checked in. 我们领了明天的装备并且办理了入住。

   The room seemed a little small but clean. I was not lucky enough as some friends who lived in sea-view rooms. I am jealous especially when the guys show off their fortunate. Haha, just a joke. 房间有点小但还算干净。我并没有像有些朋友那么幸运的住进了海景房。当他们炫耀的时候我有些嫉妒。哈哈,开玩笑的。

   After a simple supper with Hui, a group of us went to the starting point of the race in order to know the way around the next day .陪大慧吃了个便饭,我们一小撮人去了起点熟悉下情况。

   In the evening we went to my best friend Rabbit's room to celebrate her 28th birthday. We five and Rabbit shared half of a big cake with many fruits on and sweet beans in. I hope that we could always be together. Since you were there too, it was very difficult for me to fall asleep that night when I came back to my room. Memories came out,scenes of the past leapt before my eyes. I supposed that I have already let the love go which I have paid too much and don't want to give up. 晚上我们去给我的好朋友兔子过她28岁生日。我们5个人吃了半个大蛋糕,蛋糕上有好多水果,里面还有蜜豆。我许愿我们能永远在一起。因为你也去了,所以回房间之后我彻夜难眠。记忆翻涌,往事一幕幕浮现在眼前。我以为我已经放下了这段感情,放下了这段我付出了很多但是还不想放弃的感情。

   The next day I got up at 5 o'clock. After I washed my face and rinsed my mouth, I went downstairs with my roommate Hui to have breakfast. You came later and sat just face to face with me. Fortunately there was a vase between us made the atmosphere not much embarrassing. 第二天我5点就起床了。洗漱完毕和大慧下楼吃早餐。你后来的,坐在我正对面。幸好我俩中间隔了个花瓶,气氛才不至于很尴尬。

   We Wishfun's went to the start together and did some warming-up exercise. We took many photos and fully enjoyed ourselves.维思团队一起去起点并做准备活动。我们拍了很多照片,玩得特别开心。

   8:30 a.m., we run out of the starting line punctually. The sun was too hot and the wind blew powerful. The bad whether made the competition really hard.8:30准时出发。太阳很毒、风特别猛烈。坏天气使这场比赛异常艰难。

   Orange juice that committee prepared was really unprofessional. I'm very excited that I got my pb in such severe environment alone without your accompany.组委会给准备的橙汁补给实在是太不专业了。我真的特别兴奋,在这种恶劣的环境下,没有你的陪伴,我刷新了pb。

   In my opinion the most important thing was that I made the acquaintance of many runners who are all very nice and positive in this marathon trip. I learned a lot of things from them when we chat and exchanged experience. What a wonderful memory. I hope I can run with runner friends and Wiahfun all the time. See you in Dandong next week.在这次马拉松之行中,我最在意、最看重的是我交到了一帮特别好、特别积极向上的跑者朋友。在我们闲聊和交流经验的过程中我在他们身上学到了很多东西。多么棒的经历。我希望能和跑友、和维思一直跑下去。下周我们丹东再见。


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